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This is the Brow Queendom of Los Angeles!  At Brow Queen LA our passion is all about brows and achieving perfect smudge proof natural semi permanent brows. You will have heard of the expression brows are not twins but sisters, however at BQLA we pride ourselves on delivering beautiful results that will have your eyebrows looking more like twins.

Powder Brows & Ombre Brows
Powder & Ombre Brows
Combo brows
Brow Lift Combo
Brow Lift Combo

Your brow specialist at BQLA understands the importance of well groomed eyebrows and how much of a difference it can make to your daily routine. We specialize in Powder Brows, Combo Brows, Ombre Brows, Brow Lift Combos, Microblading in santa clarita, and other permanent make up procedures.  Our newest procedure we have recently brought to market is the Brow Lift Combo, feel free to click on the Brow Lift Combo tab above to learn more.  Your brow specialist at BQLA is here to cater to your beauty needs and brow wishes! When it comes to eyebrows we are not only passionate about delivering the perfect brows but we absolutely love what we do. Whether you’ve over plucked over the years or you may simply dream about having that fuller perfectly groomed Insta brow look, we have the capabilities to fulfill your needs. We are here with our magic brow wands to restore and create beautiful, youthful, and natural looking brows!

Malibu Nude Blush
Hollywood Blush
Hollywood Blush
Bel Air 'Blushed
West LA 3D Blush
West LA 3D Blush

We are not only the Brow Queendom, we’re also the Lip Fiefdom! It’s the brows that frame your face and it’s the lips that complete it. In addition to understanding the importance of having well groomed eyebrows at Brow Queen LA we are know how to create the Perfect Pout. We have carefully developed 4 unique looks to suit you based on your style and are happy to present our Malibu Nude Blush, Hollywood Blush, Bel Air ‘Blushed, and West LA 3D Blush. Depending upon if you’re looking for something subtle, or something glam, or even a color that will really make your lips pop, our lip technician’s are exceptionally trained to give you that Perfect Pout. Each look has been crafted with the most important person in mind, You!

Our Packages

her majesty

Her Majesty package is a combination of our Brow Lift Combo and our West LA 3D BLUSH.


Our Platinum Queen package is a combination of our signature BQLA Combo Brow and our Malibu Nude Blush.


Diamond Queen is a BQLA Signature Treatment for brows and lips designed to achieve overall facial balancing giving you a V-line overall diamond shaped sculpted appearance.


Our Ruby Queen is a combination of our signature Combo Brow combined with our Hollywood Lip Blush.

What Our Customers Say

Brow Queen LA
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Danyka PaucekDanyka Paucek
18:31 01 Jan 23
A couple of months ago I decided to do something for myself and get a complete makeover. I know a lot of people are getting their brows and lips done with permanent makeup so I thought that would be something great for me to do for myself. I was fortunate to come across Brow Queen LA in my research, absolutely loved their work, and was thrilled to find out they offered a brow and lip package. After sitting in my consultation and looking at the different options, I decided on the Her Majesty as I loved the look of it. I also found It helpful the advice I was given from my technician who agreed that look would suit me. I am just so happy that I decided to do this for myself. It’s been a little over 2 months, everything has healed so well, and I have the fabulous new look that I wanted! If you were looking to do something like I did, I highly recommend you look into a permanent makeup makeover with Brow Queen LA.
Latoya RileyLatoya Riley
09:59 14 Dec 22
I’m so excited about my amazing results from Brow Queen LA! When I started looking for a way to make my lips look fuller and plumper without having to put on lipstick every morning, or worry about resorting to surgery or injections, I found the perfect solution: the West LA 3D blush. Now, it’s been over a month since I got the permanent lipstick and fuller lips that I wanted, and it looks fantastic. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!
Clyde BradleyClyde Bradley
16:55 04 Dec 22
Wow, wow, wow, I love my brows!! I’m very happy that I decided to get them done here and I really took my time in finding the right place. It was really helpful the time everyone took with me in also finding the right procedure as well. I decided on the brow lift combo and I not only liked the way it looked but I thought it was cool it was a special technique to this clinic only. It’s been almost a month now and everything is looking so great and I’m so happy!
Mary ShortMary Short
04:28 16 Nov 22
I came here a few weeks ago as I wanted to get my lips and brows done and saw that they offered a package. I also really liked the look of their work as well as their website. I’m really happy that I came as results are just fabulous! Definitely such an improvement and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about my makeup in the morning. I would highly recommend Brow Queen LA to anyone.
Cora WilliamCora William
15:25 07 Nov 22
I’ve searched far and I’ve searched wide and I’ve finally found THE best place to get to get my brows microbladed. This permanent makeup clinic is the best and I’m really glad I did my research first. They made me fell really comfortable in explaining the process and their location is gorgeous! I get compliments all the time on my brows, they just look great!!
Elaine ThomasElaine Thomas
05:01 20 Oct 22
I made a terrible mistake and ended up getting my eyebrows done somewhere else. I’m not sure what they were thinking, but when I saw my brows after the treatment, my heart sunk. I wasn’t sure whether there was anything that could be done, but luckily, when I was seeking for emergency removal services, I came across Brow Queen LA. I was able to fix a lot of the previously flawed work when I arrived today. Once talking with my technician, she gave me a few alternatives for returning after I was healed and for making additional repairs. I was in a complete mess when I woke up this morning, but happily I now have a solution to my nightmare. Thank you so much, and I’m looking forward to our next appointment!
Stephanie DuerrStephanie Duerr
05:29 15 Oct 22
So I made the decision to finally have my lips done, and I’m so glad I did! I adore this clinic because everyone here is extremely competent and it’s wonderful! The outcomes speak for themselves, and I’m thrilled I came. Thank you, guys!
Audrey PerryAudrey Perry
04:29 13 Oct 22
Because of all the buzz surrounding lip tattoos and lip blushing, I was particularly eager to get mine done. I looked around a little, but when I came across this portfolio, I told myself to stop since it was the one! I really like how they describe the various styles and the titles of the operations! I went for the Hollywood Glam since I’m absolutely glam! With the outcomes, I’m ecstatic and would suggest this clinic to everyone.
Polly MyersPolly Myers
05:06 11 Oct 22
I have to add that I believe this to be LA’s top permanent makeup facility! I was sick of using lip stick in the morning and wanted to try this new lip procedure called lip blushing. I took my time in order to select the best location I could. When I examined their website’s portfolio and read the testimonials, I put an end to my quest. I knew I had come to the correct spot as soon as I entered their stunning clinic. It was totally worth the drive for me to travel all the way from West Hollywood! I’m very excited to return for my brows!
Bonnie GriffinBonnie Griffin
11:37 06 Oct 22
My brows were a disaster before I found this business, but they’re now perfect! A few months back, I made the error of thinking I would visit another location because it was less expensive. Thank goodness they could accommodate my physique and I didn’t require any kind of removal. Thank you, Brow Queen LA, for performing your magic on my brows; I’m very pleased with them right now!
Jennifer McNeilJennifer McNeil
09:22 05 Sep 22
Thank you everyone, my brows and lips are looking great and I’m so happy that I went with your Diamond Package! I was able to find the perfect shade for my lips and I appreciate the tips on how to change the shade. I’m finally happy with my eyebrows as they are finally looking on point! Your clinic is gorgeous and your website and pics really reeled me in. I’m so glad that I came here and I want to let you know that I am a very happy customer!
Carla HuertaCarla Huerta
09:33 25 Aug 22
So I’ve been reading a lot of buzz about lip tattoos or lip blushing and really wanted to get mine done. I shopped around a bit and when I saw the portfolio here I said to myself, stop, that’s the one!! I love how they explain the different styles and the names of the procedures! I’m definitely glam so easy, I went with the Hollywood Glam! I’m super happy with the results and would recommend this clinic to anyone.
Denise JonesDenise Jones
06:08 18 Aug 22
So glad I found this place, my brows were a mess but now they’re on point! I thought I would go to another place a few months ago because it was cheaper, big mistake! Thankfully they were able to work with my shape and I didn’t need any type of removal. I’m so happy with my brows now, thank you for working your magic Brow Queen LA!!
Kimberly GonzalesKimberly Gonzales
06:49 06 Aug 22
Thanks everyone for my brows, I absolutely love them! I got the Combo Brows 6 weeks and now that they are fully healed they look fab, thanks! I’m definitely telling my friends and family and you will see more business coming your way. Thanks for the great work!
Matilda AllenMatilda Allen
04:25 11 Jul 22
I have to say I think this is THE best permanent make up clinic in LA!! I wanted to get that new procedure for the lips called lip blushing as I was tired of putting on lip stick in the morning. I really took my time as I wanted to find the best place I could find. I stopped my search when I looked at the portfolio on their website and checked out their reviews. As soon as I walked into their beautiful clinic I knew I had come to the right place. I came all the way from West Hollywood and it was well worth the drive! I can’t wait to come back for my brows!
A Google User
A Google User
04:25 11 Jul 22
I have to add that I believe this to be LA’s top permanent makeup facility! I was sick of using lip stick in the morning and wanted to try this new lip procedure called lip blushing. I took my time in order to select the best location I could. When I examined their website’s portfolio and read the testimonials, I put an end to my quest. I knew I had come to the correct spot as soon as I entered their stunning clinic. It was totally worth the drive for me to travel all the way from West Hollywood! I’m very excited to return for my brows!
Joseph InceJoseph Ince
11:15 27 Jun 22
I am thrilled to be the newest Brow Queen! I am loving my new brows and feeling more confident than ever. The Brow Lift Combo has truly delivered on its promises, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I look forward to returning and will be sure to tell all my friends about this wonderful experience.
Alma HellerAlma Heller
08:02 20 Jun 22
I am super super happy with my new lips, thanks Brow Queen LA! I wanted something that looked natural and that you couldn’t necessarily tell but that was there. I settled on the Malibu Nude Blush as it looked more like a tint. I could not be happier with the results and it’s been about three weeks now. I want to thank everyone at the clinic for being so good at what you do!
Helene RomeroHelene Romero
06:30 13 Jun 22
I just got my lips and brows done here and I love em! I chose one of their packages that allowed me to have the look that I wanted, this was definitely a great choice. I’m really glad I took the time to find the right place and shop around. If you’re looking for a place to get your lips and/or brows done, I highly recommend!
Linda HammettLinda Hammett
13:14 10 Jun 22
I am absolutely blown away from my results, thanks Brow Queen LA! I wanted thicker fuller lips or at least the look of them and I loved the idea of not having to put on lip stick in the morning. I definitely didn’t want to have to do some kind of surgery or injections either. As it turns out they have just the thing! I did the West LA 3D blush so that I could not only have the permanent lipsticks but fuller lips and I’m thrilled with the results! It’s been a little over a month and my lips look great, thanks everyone!
Laura PierceLaura Pierce
05:48 16 May 22
I wanted to take my time to write this review as I recently frequented Brow Queen LA for one of their lips and brows packages and wow, who needs plastic surgery?! I felt it was time to get some things done for myself, however with all of the treatments that are out there I was a bit apprehensive. From my research permanent makeup seemed the least invasive and I like how it looks. I came across Brow Queen LA, loved their work, so I booked an appointment. Their clinic is absolutely stunning and the minute I walked in there I knew I was home! I really want to thank the hard work of everybody here and what a fantastic job that they do. This is definitely my new go to place.
Melissa ParryMelissa Parry
10:25 05 May 22
I recently got my eyebrows micro-bladed but unfortunately not at Brow Queen LA, I’m sorry I missed them. However, I’m happy I discovered them as I will be coming here for a touch up and I was able to come here for my lips. As it turns out they do lip blushing as well and I’m so glad I came! I just had them done a few days ago and I am absolutely thrilled with how they have turned out so far. You guys are amazing!!
Stacey OliverStacey Oliver
12:21 02 May 22
I’m in love with my new brows and I think this must be the absolute best place that you can come in LA! When I did my research I looked at a lot of places and I looked at their work. I have to say I was most impressed with the portfolio of work here and also how their website looked, that told me a lot. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable about what it is that they do yet also patient and understanding with how they walk you through the process. If anyone is looking to get something done to their brows then look no further.
Sheila TunneySheila Tunney
07:16 28 Apr 22
I absolutely love this place!! I was looking to do something nice for myself and what would be nicer than treating yourself to a Her Majesty treatment? My new brows and lips look amazing and I am so happy I was able to find Brow Queen LA. I get compliments now all the time and most importantly from my husband! A big thanks to everyone here for really making me feel so special.
Christy ReidChristy Reid
13:52 29 Mar 22
My brows look fantastic, thank you so much! I’m very happy with how they look and the compliments that I receive from friends and family. I did the powder brow procedure and I honestly have to see that my brows look perfect all of the time. It’s been 6 weeks now and they are just about healed. I already made an appointment for my touch up so that I can really make them sparkle. I’m so happy that I found this clinic and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.
Dolores J. GaskillDolores J. Gaskill
12:34 04 Mar 22
I absolutely love my new eyebrows and I wanted to thank everyone here for all of their hard work and time. I am not one of those people who knows much about these type of options and had no clue about permanent make up. What I did know is that I wanted fuller and more natural looking eyebrows. I mean doesn’t anybody? So I did my research and checked carefully several different options. I decided upon Brow Queen LA based on their results and chose the combo brows because that was their most popular procedure due to the feedback I received. I’m very happy I did as my eyebrows look fantastic and they are healing just fine. I can now go out and face the world without having to do anything. Thank you all so much!
Christine HanChristine Han
08:01 15 Feb 22
My new brows are gorgeous and I want to send a big thank you to everyone at Brow Queen LA! I decided to go for their combo brows based on the recommendation during my consultation and I’m just so happy how everything turned out. Your clinic is top notch and I have to say that the quality of your work speaks for itself. I’m almost fully healed and I am absolutely loving all of the compliments I’m getting especially from my husband! I could not recommend a better place for anyone to go for any kind of permanent eyebrow makeup treatment. Thank you all so much!!
Annie MartinezAnnie Martinez
11:36 08 Feb 22
Wow, wow, wow, I love my new brows!! I had my brows done a few years ago and I have not been happy with the results. This time I wanted to find a place that really knew what they are doing. I’m so glad that I found Brow Queen LA and came here! After reviewing their portfolio I realized that this place indeed had the experts. The procedure that I chose was the Combo Brows because I liked the look and since I already had some pigment. It’s like I have whole new brows and a new face! Thank you everyone for the wonderful job!!
Michelle BoolmanMichelle Boolman
17:27 01 Feb 22
I’m in love with my new brows and I would absolutely recommend this clinic to anyone! I came to Brow Queen LA with a problem and they fixed it! Plain and simple I wanted fuller more natural brows and I didn’t want to have to waste time in the morning doing my makeup. I loved their work and I could tell by their website that they were pro’s. It’s been over 2 months, my brows are completely healed, and I absolutely love the new me! A big thanks to everyone and thanks for giving me my face back!!
Carine ShauffleCarine Shauffle
18:16 25 Oct 21
After having my brows done at Brow Queen LA over a month ago I finally found the time to do this long overdue post. I’m so happy I found this amazing clinic and I couldn’t be happier with my brows! I was a bit apprehensive about doing the procedure as I wanted to find a place that really knew what they were doing. After reviewing their portfolio I fell in love with their work and they hey, I want to be a Brow Queen! Lol. I’m so glad that I did and my brows turned out as beautiful as they did. Thank you so much everyone!