Malibu Nude Lip Blushing

Malibu Nude Lip Blushing


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The Malibu Nude Lip Blushing shade draws its inspiration from the quintessential California Beach girl. It is the perfect lip color for lip blushing and for those who prefer a natural, makeup-free appearance. This gorgeous nude hue will impart a subtle, undetectable vermillion border to your lips. If you seek a hint of blush that your loved ones won’t readily notice, except for the occasional compliment of “you look great, what’s your secret?”, then this shade is ideal for you. So rise and shine, tousle your locks, and head to the beach with confidence!

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      1. Lip Blushing for a Healthy No Makeup Look: Lip blushing is a permanent makeup procedure that enhances the natural color and shape of your lips. It provides a subtle and healthy “no makeup” look, giving your lips a soft tint and adding definition without the need for lipstick or lip gloss. With lip blushing, you can wake up every day with naturally flushed lips, effortlessly achieving a fresh and youthful appearance.
      2. Time-Saving Beauty Solution: One of the significant advantages of lip blushing is the time it saves in your daily makeup routine. By getting your lips professionally enhanced, you no longer need to spend time applying lip products throughout the day. Whether you’re at work, the gym, or socializing, your lips will look beautifully tinted without any extra effort.
      3. Cost-Effective Solution: Investing in lip blushing can be a cost-effective decision in the long run. Think about the money spent on various lip products like lipsticks, lip liners, and lip glosses over time. With lip blushing, you can significantly reduce the need for these products, which can lead to substantial savings in your beauty budget.
      4. Customizable and Natural Results: Lip blushing allows for customizable results that suit your preferences and enhance your natural lip color. A skilled professional can create the perfect shade to complement your skin tone, giving you a lip blushing look that appears as if it’s entirely your own. The technique uses organic pigments that gradually fade over time, ensuring a natural and soft appearance.
      5. Confidence Boost: Having beautifully blushed lips can boost your confidence and self-esteem. Knowing that your lips look fresh and youthful without the need for makeup can make you feel more at ease in various situations, from professional settings to social events.

      As with any permanent makeup procedure, it’s essential to choose a reputable and experienced professional to ensure the best results. They will help you achieve the lip color and shape that aligns with your preferences and enhances your natural beauty.

  • We love it when our Lip Queens bring their favorite lipstick or lip liner to their lip blushing consultation.  This helps us visualize the Lip Queen you are about to become! Working together with your Pout Expert you will together develop a shade that you feel comfortable with. This is a collaboration between the Pout Expert and you bringing your vision to life!

While permanent makeup is generally safe for most individuals, there are certain conditions and situations where it may not be advisable. Here are some factors that could make someone ineligible for permanent makeup:

  1. Pregnancy and Nursing: Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid getting permanent makeup done as hormonal changes during these periods might affect the results and healing process.
  2. Skin Conditions: Individuals with active skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, or other infections should wait until their skin has fully healed before considering permanent makeup.
  3. Recent Cosmetic Procedures: Those who have undergone recent cosmetic procedures like chemical peels, laser treatments, or botox injections should wait until the skin has fully healed and settled before getting permanent makeup.
  4. Blood Disorders or Clotting Issues: People with certain blood disorders or clotting issues may not be suitable candidates for semi-permanent makeup due to the risk of excessive bleeding during the procedure.
  5. Allergies to Pigments: Individuals with a history of allergic reactions to tattoo pigments or cosmetic products should avoid permanent makeup to prevent potential adverse reactions.
  6. Use of Blood-Thinning Medication: Clients taking blood-thinning medications may not be eligible for permanent makeup due to the increased risk of bleeding and compromised healing.
  7. Uncontrolled Diabetes: Poorly managed diabetes can affect the healing process, so individuals with uncontrolled diabetes may not be suitable candidates for permanent makeup.
  8. History of Keloids or Hypertrophic Scarring: People who have a tendency to develop keloids or hypertrophic scars may be at a higher risk of developing raised scars after the procedure.

At our clinic , client safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. We conduct thorough consultations to assess each client’s eligibility and discuss any potential risks and alternatives. If you have any concerns about your eligibility for permanent makeup, please consult with our experienced team, and we’ll be happy to provide personalized guidance and recommendations.


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Pair your Malibu Nude Blush with Nanoblading or Microshading and Save $100 when you make it a package.

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