At BQLA, we understand how important brows look in a person’s overall look. The specialists at BQLA ensure that a person gets completely satisfied with their final look. You can try different packages like microblading, powdered brows, combo brows, brow lift combos, and many other procedures.

Today’s article will revolve around the BQLA combo brow technique. After microblading and powdered brows, this technique is popular in the industry. Let’s know more about how it’s done, the journey, procedure, healing, and aftercare instruction. Let’s begin.

What is the combo brow procedure?

Combo brow is the combination of powdered brows and microblading methods. Both microblading and powdered brows are the semi-permanent solution to make eyebrows look more definite and fuller. Microblading inserts short hair stroke-like pigments in the skin. The powdered brows use the dotted and dashes method to fill pigment to natural eyebrows. However, the combo brows use both techniques for clients to create a fuller and bolder look.

How to get prepared for a combo brow session?

It’s necessary to follow the instructions of a specialist before or after the procedure. Here are some guidelines to follow while preparing for a combo brow session.

  • Do not go for botox treatment at least 3 weeks before the procedure
  • Do not use any medicines that chemically peel your skin
  • Do not use any fading or anti-aging cream before the procedure.
  • Pause the application of retinol serums before the process.
  • Skip your workout session on the day of treatment
  • Avoid sunburn or tanning before the procedure
  • No tinting and waxing at least 3 days before the procedure
  • No caffeine or alcohol at least 2 hours before the procedure

What is the procedure of combo brow treatment?

First, don’t stress too much about the treatment procedure for combo brow. At BQLA, specialists ensure you get maximum results with minimum hassles and pain. First of all, a specialist will discuss your brows goals. Furthermore, they will do your brow mapping by using the proportion of your facial features to get a symmetrical brow that suits your face look.

One eyebrow mapping is done to formulate a pigment with an ideal color match for your styling. Moving on, about half an hour before the procedure, your technician will use numbing cream to avoid discomfort or pain. The anesthetic cream will be used in significantly fewer amounts only on the dermal layer of the skin.

The technician will use a handheld tool like a pond with a disposable needle during the session. This need will break into the skin and fill pigment in the dermal layer of the skin. Furthermore, with a disposable tool, the specialist will add short hair strokes like pigment to the skin. This way, your eyebrows will get the combined result of both techniques. And that’s all.

What are aftercare instructions for combo brow procedures?

Once the treatment is done, it’s not the actual end of it. BQLA combo brow specialists always insist their clients follow the aftercare instruction for healthy-looking results. Moreover, the aftercare instructions are as important to follow as the treatment for best results.

The main reason behind it is if not cared for properly, there are strong chances that a person may not get 100% results of the procedure. Which are some important aftercare instructions for combo brow procedures? Let’s find out.

  • Avoid water activities completely after the treatment. Do not go for trips or swimming parties after the process.
  • Do not work out and avoid sweating factors. Make sure to avoid all the sports activities and training exercises till the healing of the procedure.
  • Avoid sun exposure and try not to go out in the direct sun to avoid fading complaints.
  • Do not scratch or peel the treated area.
  • Avoid heavy cleaning tasks.
  • Avoid driving and riding activities in open-air vehicles.
  • Avoid application of retinoids and glycolic acid around the eyebrow area.
  • Do not touch the eyebrows.
  • Please minimize the intake of alcohol and caffeine as it may slow the healing process.

Is combo brows better than microblading?

Microblading only uses short hair strokes like pigment to the eyebrows. The combo brow technique uses short hair strokes like pigment and the powdered brows technique. Moreover, both methods have their result and their look.

Microblading is not considered an ideal technique for people with oily skin. However, combo brow techniques are great for those with oily skin types. Furthermore, the microblading will only give a shading effect, and you still can feel the use of brow pencil for a fuller look. However, with the combo brows, you will feel a powder touch to the eyebrows, and there will be no need to apply brow pencil or brow powder.

Moreover, combo brows also have more longevity than microblading. However, both techniques have their fan following among clients. The choice should be yours according to your preferred style.

What about touch-ups of combo brows?

As we know, touch-up is the key to the long-lasting effects of brows procedure, either its microshading, microblading, or combo brows. Touch-ups are necessary and should not be ignored. During the touch-up sessions, your technician will give finishing touches to brows, finalizing the color tone and proper shaping. Once the treatment is done, you should have a touch-up session after 6 to 8 weeks. After that, your technician will advise you whether you need to touch up after a year or 6 months. It usually depends on what type of skin you are. So whatever the specialist advice you make, follow it for long-lasting results.

How long does combo brow last?

The average life expectancy of combo brows is 3 years. For many, it can last between 2 to 4 years. The long-lasting factor will be decided by the proper aftercare and yearly touch-ups session for the combo brows.

However, combo brows have more life than powdered brows and microblading. The reason is this technique uses shading as well as powdering in the treatment. So the result will last longer than the mentioned methods.


Eyebrows’ proper look can groom your overall look. Due to its importance, there are different techniques in the industry to create the desired result for your eyebrows. Whether it’s microblading, combo brows, or powdered brows, whatever you choose, make sure to follow the instructions given by technicians. So, no one wants to end up with bad results after the treatment. The specialists at BQLA always stay behind our clients, and with their experience, they make sure to raise the standards of perfection in the beauty industry.