Why choose a highly certified experienced artist?

Once you have decided to go for semi permanent makeup treatment, the next question is where to get the treatment and which artist is best. For this, you can explore the artist and salons near you.

Here it would be best if you remembered one thing: do not get services based on low prices. For semi permanent makeup, you must choose a highly certified, experienced artist. If you overthink low prices, you will end up with less professional artists, and the results will not be as desired.

In today’s article, we will detail why to choose a highly certified, experienced artist? So without delay, let’s begin.

Why is it important to choose an experienced artist for semi permanent makeup?

Let’s find out why choosing a highly certified, experienced artist is necessary.

1) Advanced tools:

The first and foremost reason for choosing certified and experienced arts is that they will have advanced equipment and tools for the treatment. The advanced tools are great for playing roles in flawless symmetry, exact hair stroke, and for splendid eyebrow shape. Furthermore, the advanced equipment will also have good construction and undergo different testing procedures for perfection. Their condition comes in a way that will make neat and clean cuts for the microblading technique.

2) For safety

Another reason to choose certified arts is safety concerns. An inexperienced artist can make mistakes, and you can end up with infections. Furthermore, if you have any medical history, the inexperienced person will not be able to give you good advice, and you can end up with more complications.

3) Use of High-quality products

Artists with certification will make sure to use high-quality and safe products during the treatment. Furthermore, their product will be sterilized, regularly tested, vegan, and safer.

Furthermore, their pigment will have premium quality and long-lasting results. Again, experienced artists also use microblading pigments that don’t cause allergy, change of shade, and any skin reaction.

4) Skilled result:

A certified person will also go through so much training and will have the ability to create skillful results. The artist’s comprehensive training will make sure the clients will be able to get the perfect results.

Proper eyebrow mapping:

A certified and experienced artist will create a proper eyebrows mapping. An accurate eyebrow mapping will be essential in creating a perfect eyebrow look. A professional artist will ensure you get the perfect eyebrow look according to your face shape. Moreover, the artist will ensure you get the desired look according to your face measurements. So make sure to choose an artist with experience in proper eyebrow mapping.

How to choose a highly certified, experienced artist?

Choosing a highly certified, experienced artist for the semi permanent makeup look is essential. But how to choose the one, let’s find out.


The first thing to look for is the experience of the artist. How many procedures she has successfully done before. You can also ask to see the results of patients. Also, see if the trainer has experience doing treatment on the skin and ethnicity that you have. Furthermore, also check from where they got training.


It is also ok to ask for the practitioner certificates. The certification will ensure that the trainer is certified by the health department. It will ensure the practitioner uses standards like not reusing needles, has a proper system for disposal, and good stabilization technique.

Customer reviews:

It is also a good idea to check out the customer reviews of the artist. Usually, practitioners have official websites with testimonial options. Furthermore, you can also check the customer review on the official website pages. Customer reviews are a great way to know about the practitioner’s ability.

Ask about pigments

It is also a good idea to ask about what type of poignant the practitioner uses. A semi-permanent makeup procedure uses different types of pigment than a tattoo. So it is good to ensure the practitioner has enough pigments of good quality.

Communication skills

When you consult for the treatment, check out the artist can have a clear discussion. Moreover, can they explain themselves well? All these questions are essential for your comfort level during the treatment. Furthermore, a practitioner with good communication skills will take your opinion and ensure you get the desired result.

Correction policy:

You need to return to the practitioner for the touch-ups and corrections in case of a mishap. So it is good to ask for correction policies and touch-up procedures to avoid future misunderstandings. Make sure the artist is the type of person who stands behind their work and makes corrections if needed.

What are the disadvantages of Hiring a Non-Certified Microblading Artist?

To create long-lasting results of semi permanent makeup, get a certified artist. If you do not choose the artist carefully, you can face the following consequences.

  • A non-experienced person can do eyebrow mapping that does not go well with your face shape.
  • Due to the use of unsterilized tools, you can get any skin infection, and in severe cases, you can get HIV and hepatitis.
  • Furthermore, a non-certified artist can choose the wrong ointment, and you can end up with the darker or too light color of your eyebrows.
  • A non-certified person can use poor-quality blades and needles that can affect your skin, and you can get infections and allergies from it.


Here in this section, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about why choose a highly certified, experienced artist?

What makes an artist the best candidate?

A good artist uses his experience and creativity to draw beautiful results for his clients. Furthermore, a good artist will listen to you and will discuss your desired look goal to create stunning results.

What does a PMU artist stand for?

The term PMU stands for permanent makeup. Eyebrow microblading also comes under the permanent makeup techniques.

What makes you a good candidate for microblading?

Someone who wants perfect makeup looks without applying makeup is a good candidate for microblading. Or a person with thinner eyebrows and less hair can also use permanent microblading techniques. Last but not least, anyone who lost her eyebrows due to any medical condition can take the help of a microblading treatment.

What are PMU treatments?

PMU treatments include various types of tremors. Some of them are microblading, powdered brows, ombre brows, lip blushing, freckle tattoos, scalp micropigmentation, scar camouflage, permanent eyeliner, lips microblading, and blushing.


Choosing an experienced artist is an essential milestone in semi permanent makeup techniques. As we discussed, do not make price the basis of selecting an artist if you choose a cheap artist with less experience. As a result, you can lose all the money nowhere. So it is always a good idea to choose someone with expertise and certification to get the desired results. Always spend some time researching the artist you are going to choose. Don’t forget to read the review and check out their portfolio before making the final decision.