It’s always good to follow your microblading artists advice after going through microblading. There are different types of advice that you get after microblading. However, one of the main pieces of advice is “No water” after the procedure is done.

However, that does not mean you can not wash your face or take a shower at all. To do this, you need to be extra careful to avoid any post microblading problems. One of the main questions here is; how to protect your eyebrows in the shower after microbladed? Here is today’s article; there is everything to know about taking precautions after microblading procedure.

What do water and sweating do to microblading?

Before knowing what water does to microblading, it is essential to know a little surface knowledge about microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent technique in which pigment is used to tattoo your eyebrows. However, in microblading, the pigment remains at the surface and does not go deep inside the dermis.

So what does that mean? It means that if not cared for properly, there are chances that pigment can be pushed out. The primary source that can contribute to this is sweating and water. So if your eyebrow’s skin will sweat or your area around the brows will get wet, the pigment will get out. If you lose your pigment, that treatment needs to be done again.

Is it ok to take a shower after microblading?

Microblading does not say no to showering afterward. A shower is crucial for your body hygiene and good health. However, after microblading, you will need to be extra careful and can not take a shower as you usually do.

It is not a good idea if you think of taking a shower every day after microblading. You have to take a break of at least two to three days after microblading. However, if you really need to shower, take preventive measures. Make sure your eyebrows never get wet, and water does not touch them. Otherwise, you can destroy the results of the microblading. In severe cases, you may need to get it redone.

How to shower after microblading?

After the procedure, make sure your eyebrows do not get wet when washing your face or showering. There are some precautions; you can take a shower after microblading.

Use lukewarm water:

Don’t ever use warm temperature water during the shower. Due to steam, there could be sweating chances as dangerous as water. So before taking a shower, check the water temperature and make it lukewarm or normal before starting.

Use shower eyeshield:

Different shower visors are available in the market that are specifically used to protect areas around the brows after microblading. Furthermore, there is also the option of sun visor hats. Before trying any of these tools, make sure they are tight-fitted and can protect your eyebrows from water.

Avoid face area:

During the shower, don’t keep your face towards the showerhead. If you have a flexible shower head in your bathroom, it is best to shower with that.

Keep dry paper towels around:

Make sure, during shower time; you have dry paper towels around. So if accidentally you get any water drops dry, it immediately.

What are some risk factors if your eyebrows get wet after microblading?

If your freshly microbladed eyebrows get wet, there will be a higher risk of uneven brows and fading chances. In many cases, the client needs to go under treatment again if such damage occurs.

Another thing that should not be ignored here is sweating. Sweating, make sure to stay in a moderate room temperature environment. If you sweat, it makes your pigments come out from the skin. This factor can also leave the same effect as water.

When can I wash my eyebrows after microblading?

Cleaning your eyebrows is not entirely prohibited, as the cleaning is necessary to remove the lymph buildup around the eyebrows. However, do not wash eyebrows immediately after microblading. To splash water on water after microblading is the wrong practice and can cause severe effects.

Once the treatment is done, keep your eyebrows completely dry for the next 3 hours. Don’t try to do cleaning or anything with them. If you use water on them, the real pigment can alter its shade. However, after some hours of treatment, you see sweat-type fluid on the area around the brows. It will be lymph nodes coming out from the wounds.

The cleaning of lymph nodes is necessary as if it stays there, it can cause heavy scabbing, and the risk of infection will increase. With the help of a cotton pad, remove these lymph nodes gently after 4 to 4 hrs.

After 2 to 3 days of treatment, you can gently wash the area around the brows. However, it would be best if you still were careful. Cleanse them with a very small amount of sterile water with a gentle motion. Never try to rub cleaning with them. After cleaning, make them completely dry with the help of a tissue.

When can I wash my face after eyebrow microblading?

There is no problem washing your face if you avoid water in the eyebrow area. You can wash your face immediately; however, don’t use water splashes. Instead, wash the bottom area gently and don’t use water in the upper area. Use a cotton pad or soft tissue to wipe up the forehead area. You can also use a clean cloth to wash it gently.

While cleaning your forehead area after the first day of treatment, do not use water splashes. Try to use a damp cotton pad or soft cloth. After your wound is healed and all the scabs have fallen off, you can wash your face normally. Wait for 14 days to normally wash the face with water.

What other things to avoid after microbladed treatment

We already discussed the two factors, water, and sweat, that you should avoid after the microblading. However, there are two other factors to prevent as well.


The other thing that I will suggest is to avoid the sun. If you think for a moment, you can get sweaty from sun exposure in many areas. On the other hand, sun exposure also affects the retention of your microblading. Moreover, with high sun exposure, the pigment color can fade. It is a good practice to avoid the sun entirely for at least two weeks. However, if something urgent comes up, try to use a hat that completely blocks the sun. After the scab falls off completely, you can go outside without a hat.


The next thing to avoid after microblading is a pillow. It is challenging to avoid pillows during sleep. However, remember pillows are as dangerous as water can be. One side of your face touches the pillow during sleep, resulting in pigment falling off. Or the constant rubbing of eyebrows with a pillow can increase the risk factor.

So how to avoid it. The first thing I will recommend is to make a habit of sleeping on your back even before the microblading. There will be fewer chances of touching the pillow when you sleep on your back. Another thing to do is use a travel pillow to add space between the pillow and face.

Maintenance tips:

There are two tips that mostly technicians give to their patients.

  • To maintain your eyebrows after microblading treatment, try to have a yearly touch-up from your technicians. They will add pigment to the eyebrows to make them look fresh and not faded.
  • Another tip that most technicians give is to apply sunscreen while going outside at your eyebrows. It will prevent pigment from fading.


I’d like to thank you for reading this article. We have carefully put together for your best healing and aftercare journey. Usually, people spend hundreds of dollars on microblading treatment. So it is crucial to know what to do and what not to do after the microbladed treatment. It makes sense to make sure the treatment goes well and everything is perfect. Today’s article discusses in detail “how to protect your eyebrows in the shower after microbladed. We hope you got all the necessary information about it above. We also discuss other factors that you should consider and maintenance tips for microbladed eyebrows. If you still have any questions, let us know in the comments below.