Microblading is a semi-permanent beauty treatment that creates fuller and bolder eyebrows. It is a popular treatment that is loved by many and requires a great deal of talent, skill, and artistry.

If you are interested in becoming a certified microblading technician, there are a few steps you need to follow. First, you must take a microblading training course from a reputable institution. The course should teach you the basics and fancy techniques of microblading, and you should receive one-on-one instruction from experienced microblading artists.

  • Once you have completed your training, you must pass the microblading certification exam. The exam will test your knowledge of microblading theory and practice.
  • Once you are certified, you must obtain a license in your state. The licensing requirements vary from state to state, so be sure to check with your state board of cosmetology for more information.
  • Once you are licensed and certified, you can start offering microblading services to clients. You can work from home, rent a space in a salon, or start your own microblading business.

Microblading is a rapidly growing industry, and there is a high demand for qualified technicians. Microblading technicians can earn a good living and have the flexibility to set their own hours and work from home. If you are interested in a career in the beauty industry and want to be your own boss, microblading is a great option to consider.

Getting Certified in Microblading

To start your journey in microblading, the first thing you need to do is finish a certification course. Look for a good course approved by SPCP (The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) or AAM (The American Academy of Micropigmentation). These organizations oversee most microblading certifications in English-speaking places. Courses certified by SPCP and AAM follow the official rules, and they are usually taught by instructors certified by these organizations.

Your course should cover all the theory, and it is great if there is a part where you get to practice on real people. Choose your course wisely by asking for recommendations and checking reviews online.

Your course should cover all the theory, and it is great if there is a part where you get to practice on real people. Choose your course wisely by asking for recommendations and checking reviews online.

What to Learn in a Microblading Course

In your microblading course, you should learn about:

Skin and Face Stuff:

    • Anatomy and skin things
    • How faces work and designing eyebrows

Mapping and Colors:

  • Figuring out shapes and making things symmetrical
  • Colors and mixing them right

Doing the Microblading:

  • Making those microblading strokes
  • Knowing all about the tools and equipment

Safety and Business Tips:

  • Staying safe and keeping things clean
  • Tips for running a microblading business

Talking to Clients:

  • How to communicate well with people

If you are in a live course, it is awesome if you get to practice with a real person. The instructor usually helps by doing the shape and drawing, and then you fill it in. This helps you learn how to use the microblading tool and get the pressure exactly right, something you cannot really get from an online course.

How Long Does Microblading Training Take?

The time for microblading training can vary based on whether you choose an online or live course. On average, a good training program should cover around 100 hours (about 4 days).

For live courses, the schedule differs between academies. In-person workshops typically span 2-6 days, culminating in the receipt of your certificate.

Some academies, especially those with shorter 1 or 2-day workshops, provide ongoing online learning. Here, students practice and submit their work for review. When ready, the final work is graded, and a completion certificate is awarded.

Online microblading training duration is usually flexible. Most academies set a time for completion, allowing you to organize your time and set your own pace.

Microblading Certification Course Cost:

The price of a microblading course can vary. If it is a live course, it might cost between $1500 and $5000 or even more. Online courses can be cheaper, starting from around $200 and going up to over $2000, depending on what they cover. Some pricier online courses include a kit and support from the instructor.

But here is the thing: one course might not be enough. After you finish, you might need more courses to get better at things like mapping and color theory. So, think of it like adding layers of knowledge to your microblading skills!

Bloodborne Pathogens in Microblading:

To legally practice microblading, everyone must have certification in bloodborne pathogens. Usually, you need this before starting your training course or taking the certification exam.

Here is the deal: you must renew this certificate every year. You can do it online, and it is a good idea to check with your local health department for the right website to take the test. Many folks prefer the Red Cross for their bloodborne pathogens exam. Stay safe and stay certified!

Microblading Apprenticeship:

Not every place insists on apprenticeships, but they are super helpful for learning and practicing. If you can, find an experienced microblader nearby and ask if you can be their apprentice.

In some areas, you need an apprenticeship for a tattoo license.

Some microbladers let you spend time together in their studio to watch and learn. It is like getting insider tips. Consider an apprenticeship as your cool way to get good at microblading!

Get Certified in Microblading:

When you finish your training, bloodborne exam, and an apprenticeship, you are ready for the big move. Apply for the board exam to become SPCP or AAM certified. That is like getting a gold star in microblading!

Microblading Certification: Why It Matters

Though not all states demand microbladers to be certified, most need a tattoo license for legal practice. Yet, being certified in microblading is crucial for several reasons. It is the way to truly grasp the basics, and everything related to microblading. Since you are tattooing faces, there is a moral duty to keep clients safe and content. Moreover, uncertified microbladers might struggle to gain trust from clients.

What comes next after microblading certification?

Once certified, the next move is becoming a licensed microblading artist. Rules vary by state, with some having strict regulations and others being more relaxed.

Why getting certified in microblading eyebrows is beneficial?

Becoming a certified microblading artist brings various advantages for both your skills and your clients’ satisfaction:

Learn Something Cool:

Getting certified means, you are learning how to do microblading right from the start. It is like adding a cool skill to your toolbox, especially when everyone wants those nice, natural-looking eyebrows.

Clients Feel Safe:

Having that certification shows your clients that you really care about doing things right. It makes them feel safe and happy, which is crucial, especially for things like microblading that stick around for a while.

Make Friends in the Biz:

When you get certified, you meet other people doing the same thing. They can be like your work friends or mentors, helping you out as you go along. Plus, you might find cool online groups to connect with even more people in the business. It is a win-win!

Final Words

To become a microblading artist, you need to follow these simple steps: complete a course approved by SPCP or AAM, pass the exam, and get certified. It is important to choose a good course, so be careful to avoid frauds and uncertified trainers. Look for courses with positive reviews online, a user-friendly website, all the necessary tools for learning, and at least 100 hours (about 4 days) of training.


What is the first step to becoming a microblading artist?

To start your journey, enroll in a course approved by SPCP or AAM. This ensures you are on the right path to gaining the necessary skills and knowledge.

Why is choosing the right course important?

Picking a good course is crucial to avoid frauds and uncertified trainers. Look for courses with positive online reviews, a user-friendly website, and comprehensive training tools.

How long should a microblading course be for effective learning?

I aim for a course with at least 100 hours (about 4 days) of training. This duration provides ample time to grasp the fundamentals and refine your microblading skills.

Is certification necessary for a career in microblading?

Yes, certification is essential. It involves passing an exam after completing an approved course by SPCP or AAM, ensuring you are well-prepared for your career as a microblading artist.

What precautions should I take to avoid potential pitfalls in learning microblading?

Be cautious and avoid uncertified trainers or frauds. Choose courses with a reputable reputation, positive online reviews, and a well-designed website to secure a reliable foundation for your learning journey.



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