What is emergency removal?

If you do not like the result, you can take emergency removal services. Within a time period of 48 hours, you can come for emergency removal.

First, you need to get an appointment for the emergency removal procedure. Once you get the time, one of the experts will make sure to reverse the process by using emergency removal treatment.

In this article, I will take you into detail about emergency removal and how it works. So keep reading.

What is an emergency removal technique?

The expert will use an emergency saline solution to reverse the results during the emergency removal. As the procedure is done within 48 hours of treatment, till that time, your skin still will be open due to treatment, and there will be no need to open the skin again. On the treated area, the technician will apply the saline solution directly.

The saline solution is a high salt solution that will cause the skin’s low salt water to come out. The saline solution works on the osmosis procedure. So once the skin water comes out, the pigment will automatically be out of the skin.

The emergency removal technique is best for those who want to reverse the procedure within 48 hours. The emergency removal method will ensure the new pigment does not heal down in the skin.

Who is an ideal candidate for emergency removal?

Our clients who take the treatment, if for any reason they dislike the result, can get emergency removal services . Emergency removal will be made sure to reverse the effects of treatment.

The emergency removal services start at $250, and the process will take 1. 5 hours. Furthermore, the technician will make sure you experience minimal pain during the process.

What is the saline removal technique?

At BQLA, we use saline removal methods for emergency removal of pigment. The technicians use a saline solution to remove pigment in the saline removal. The saline solution contains orange seed extract, aloe vera, lemon seed extra, purified water and processed sea salt.

So when this highly concentrated salt solution is applied to the skin, the low salt water of the skin comes out, and as a result, the pigment will come out.

The technician will use a handheld tool or a tattoo machine to apply the solution in emergency removal. The technician will insert the solution the same way they insert pigment during the cosmetic tattooing method.

This saline solution will ensure the pigment comes out of the skin during the healing period. During the healing process, you will see scabs on the treated area, and the pigment will stick to the scab and will fall off during the healing process.

Here it would help if you remembered that full lighting of large tattooed areas could require 3 to 5 sessions for complete fading. The number of sessions will depend on how large the tattoo area is and how long the pigment stays on your skin. Again and again, sessions will pull out the pigment from every layer of the skin. However, if you want to reverse the result of a small area, then only a single session can lighten up the pigment.

How to take care of eyebrows after the emergency removal?

We strongly recommend you follow the aftercare instructions for maximum results.

The reason is aftercare instructions are as important as the treatment. If you do not follow the guidelines, then you may experience undesirable results in the end. Let’s find out some essential guidelines to follow after the post-procedure.

  • Do not go for intense exercise and work out right after the treatment.
  • Avoid heavy sweating as it can affect the healing period of emergency removal.
  • Say no to all types of swimming activities or beach parties, there can be a chance of infection, and you will end up with pain and deteriorated results.
  • Not hot baths and direct shower stream to the face area.
  • Do not scratch or touch the treated area after the procedure. Wait to fall off the scab automatically.
  • Do not apply any beauty product around the treated area.
  • Do not use any chemicals around the treated area.
  • Do not get out in direct sunlight. If it’s too necessary, take a hat and umbrella to avoid direct exposure to the sun.
  • Do not travel in open-air vehicles, and bikes
  • Make sure to reduce the consumption of alcohol and caffeine as it can affect the healing time.
  • Do not apply water to the treated area. Simply clean the area with the help of a cotton pad.
  • Make sure to lay on your back to avoid any mishaps during sleeping.


Here in this section, I will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about what is emergency removal?

What are some famous removal techniques?

There are two popular removal techniques: saline removal and laser removal. Compared with laser removal, saline removal is a less painful and more effective treatment for reversing the results of cosmetic tattooing techniques. Here at BQLA, we provide saline solution services with minimal pain and at affordable prices.

Is saline tattoo removal better than laser?

The saline tattoo removal technique is better than the laser in terms of effectiveness. Saline removal can pull out the pigment without affecting the skin. Furthermore, saline removal works on all types of pigments. On the other hand, the laser doesn’t work on the white. Pigment.

How long does emergency removal take?

The technician will do the procedure in 1.5 hours with minimal pain. The healing period can take 2 to 4 weeks, and the healing period varies from person to person.


At BQLA, we ensure the client gets, less pain, and desirable results. However, in case of any problem, if things do not come as expected, we have an emergency removal service to reverse the results. The emergency removal service will be painless, and the technician will apply a solution to the skin that is already opened due to treatment. So there will be very low chances of pain. You can get benefits from emergency removal services within 48 hours of treatment. Once the treatment is done, follow all the instructions and guidelines to avoid further problems.