Starting a career in permanent makeup

With the advancement in the world of research and inventions, hundreds of new professions have been developed. Since 1980, the permanent makeup technique has been on trend, and its popularity is increasing day by day.

With time this industry will flourish more and more. The professionals in this industry are termed, cosmetic tattoo artists.

These profess to enjoy fame as well as financial stability very well. So if you are thinking of starting a career in permanent makeup, then you have made a good choice.

Today’s article will provide detailed information about how you start a career in permanent makeup.

What does a permanent makeup artist do?

The first and foremost thing to know here is what a permanent makeup artist does.

A Permanent makeup artist uses handheld tools, rotary pens, or coil tattoo machines to apply cosmetic tattoos. You will need to mimic the standard makeup look by your tattoo practice. Sometimes you need to make your eyebrows look fuller, and you may often use your tattooing skill to hide scars. There are different types of terminologies for all these methods.

For instance, microblading, microshading, camouflage scars, lip colors, and eyeliners exist.

Four reasons to start a career in permanent makeup

An estimate estimates that the beauty industry will become 805 billion dollars by 2023.

Rewarding Career:

Permanent makeup is a rewarding career option. You may see many people who lie all their life in insecurities about their looks. You can help such persons by creating a magical look for them with semi-permanent makeup. For instance, if someone comes to you for a surgical scar or someone who lost his eyebrows during medical therapy, then you have the power and skill to restore their look. You will be able to see beautiful smiles on people’s faces due to your work. For this reason, it is considered a respectable job.

Financial stability:

Not only will you be able to create happiness on other faces, but you will also get a stable lifestyle. This career option will give you financial stability in significantly less time. If you love your passion and become skillful, you can make a handsome amount of money every month.

Promising future of the industry:

The dawn of the beauty industry was in 1980. Since that time, the industry has been growing rapidly and will become stronger in the future. People of every age love to have their ideal look by using permanent makeup techniques. So we can say that this beauty industry has a promising future.

Make connection:

During your daily work time, you can make excellent connections with different types of people. You will get a new experience with each client and something new to learn. So your routines will not be boring, and you will spend quality time during working hours.

What is a permanent makeup artist’s salary?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have exact information about the salary of a makeup artist. However, according to experts, it’s mentioned that an experienced and well-known artist’s average salary can be between $50,000 to 80,000$.

An average technician charges $250 per hour. Furthermore, an average session of microblading or powdered brows is charged more than 500$ by a skilled artist. All these estimations are based on if you will have an independent salon. However, if you work under someone, the salary will differ and vary from place to place and person to person.

So while considering all these stats and data, it’s clear that a person with good experience has—a bright Career with a handsome salary.

Is becoming a permanent makeup artist a good choice?

From the above information, it is evident that a career in the permanent makeup industry has a bright future. Moreover, it is a potentially pre- lucrative career choice. Now the option is all yours.

First of all, consider your passion. If you are a person who loves art and is energetic to create new things, then it can be the right choice for you.

Here are a few things that I want to share with you. You may think that a cosmetic tattoo artist job is very easy, and there will be no work stress. But this is not the right approach. You have to stay under constant pressure to make things 100% perfect. Your small mistake can deteriorate someone’s look.

Moreover, if you are an introverted person who does not like to communicate or get in touch with different types of people, things can get complicated. Because in this profession, you need to have good communication skills and to go for intimate contact with other people’s skin for the procedure.

If you are okay with it, you can go ahead. Now, consider the upfront amount you will need to get the training in permanent makeup. You are good to go if you fulfill all the physical and financial requirements. A semi-permanent makeup artist will be an excellent choice for you.

How to become a permanent makeup artist?

Once you evaluate your passion and career pros and cons and want to go for it, it’s time to find the exact path to starting a career in permanent makeup.

Know about your state requirements

The first and foremost thing to do is to learn About the policies of the license of permanent makeup artists. The rules and regulations can vary from state to state. In some states, the permanent makeup artist is considered a subdivision of esthetic, and in others, it is considered an independent field.

Find a perfect training program.

Once you find out the rules and regulations of your state, now time to pick a perfect training program. Ensure the training program is reliable, and you get supplementary certification in cosmetic tattooing at the end of the course.

Pass the exams

The next thing to do is to get the maximum hours of training and pass the exAm. Once the exam is done, take your certificate, and now you’re ready to go for an internship in any well-known salon around you to get some experience. Later, you can also go for an independent clinic or saloon option.


Now, if you have decided about a permanent makeup career, you have a fantastic option. Especially if you are an art lover who loves to create new things with their creativity and still starting a career in permanent makeup is an excellent choice for you. Not only will you be able to work independently, but you can also make a monthly income from this profession. You will not have to deal with tired 9 to 5 routines, and you can enjoy a good work time while meeting new people daily. So what do you think?