Saline Removal

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What is Saline Pigment Removal?

Saline pigment removal is a technique our browlist’s use to lift pigment out of the skin utilizing a hand tool or tattoo machine. The saline tattoo removal solution is used and applied to the skin in a similar manner to when pigment is applied during a permanent makeup or tattoo procedure. The solution that is used for the saline pigment removal contains ingredients such as purified water, finely processed sea salt, orange seed extract, lemon seed extract, and aloe.

The lightening/pigment removal solution forms a scab over the treated skin area that will fall off during the healing process as the skin recuperates naturally. After the scab falls off on its own, the new skin will be revealed during the recuperating process. The undesirable pigment adheres to the scab and is adequately pulled up and out of the dermal layer by the scab. Healing is a natural process that necessitates that the scab is kept dry consistently until it falls off on its own. Full lightning can require 3-5 meetings or sessions and possibly more. This lightening technique pulls out the pigment layer by layer and the longer pigment has been in your skin the more sessions will be needed to treat that area.
Sometimes partial lightening is sufficient warranting only one session. However, this is also dependent upon skin type.

Who is a good candidate for saline removal ?

An ideal candidate to undergo this procedure would have permanent makeup/ microblading, eyebrows and powder brows or a small tattoo (no greater than a deck of cards).

Who is not qualified or should avoid saline removal?

  • Those individuals that are under 18 years old.
  • If you’re pregnant or lactating.
  • Anyone with glaucoma or transmittable blood conditions like Hepatitis or HIV
  • Individuals with skin illnesses, for example, psoriasis, cancer, dermatitis, and undiagnosed rashes or rankles on the specific area that will be treated
  • If you’re prone to post-inflammatory hypo-pigmentation or keloids
  • Patients going through chemotherapy. A doctor’s note or approval is needed for any person undergoing chemotherapy to avoid any complications at the end.
  • If you’re a diagnosed hemophiliac or have hypersensitivities to numbing agents
  • Those with hypersensitivities to liquor or numbing agents.
  • Anyone who has uncontrolled high blood pressure, healing disorders, and mitral valve Disorder

After care & Healing

It is very important to ensure you obtain the absolute best results while enjoying your beautiful new eyebrows.  This means following specific after care instructions. 

We ask that you follow your browlist’s aftercare instructions to the rule to obtain the most beautiful and healthy looking  results.  BQLA wants to make sure you walk out not only feeling like a Brow Queen but healing like one too.

The following must be avoided during all 14 days
Post procedure