With so many SPMU machines available to purchase today, it’s difficult to determine which needles to get for your machine. However, regardless of the manufacturer, your machine is categorized as either a PMU or a tattoo machine, as many tattoo machines are now being created and utilized for permanent makeup treatments.

SPMU Machines
These machines were designed specifically for SPMU and include digital machines as
well as a variety of low-cost machines that you may acquire on Amazon or receive in your “kit” from your instructor. The cartridge needle aperture on these machines is not the same as on a tattoo machine, thus universal tattoo cartridges will not fit. Although many SPMU machines feature a similar fitting and accept a common PMU cartridge marketed under a variety of brand names, this opening is typically unique to the brand and requires brand specific needles. The number of needles in each configuration is typically referred to as the needle size for these devices.

Tattoo & Hybrid Machines
Although some of these machines are now especially designed for SPMU, the majority
are designed for regular tattooing. As a result, nearly all include a universally sized cartridge opening so that tattoo artists can continue to use their preferred brands, sizes, and configurations of cartridge needles. The variances in size and configuration range from the number of needles to the forms of needle groupings, the tightness of groupings, needle tapers, and even whether the needles are polished or rough.

Most importantly, the needle must be high quality, sharp, sterile and disposable for each client. They are made out of steel-alloy needle wire.. Sharpened, polished, individually wrapped, and pre-sterilized, they are ready to use. The sharpness and quality of a needle are critical to the success of any surgery. Any touch with an external object will dull the needle and change its geometric form, preventing it from penetrating the epidermis and causing harm. When we dip the tip of the needle into a disposable container filled with pigments while the PMU machine is turned on, the needle is blunted by contact with the bottom of the cap.