SPMU artists use needles as paint brushes and like paint brushes, there’s a needle for every method. Having the correct tools allows you to provide the finest service to your clients, which is what SPMU is all about.

There are a few obvious advantages to using standard needles and needle cartridges. They are typically less expensive than those designed for digital gadgets, and there are several brands to select from. The unlimited sizes and variations will expand your artistic options, but first you must learn needle language and how to decipher needle codes. Lets take this code as an example: 1005RS


Diameter – the circumference the widest part of of each individual needle inside any configuration is represented by the first two numbers on a tattoo needle code. Industry standard numbers are used to express circumference, with smaller numbers signifying a smaller circumference. If you’re familiar with medical or electrical terminology, you’ll notice that this is the polar opposite of the gauge of medical needles and electrical wire. The following are some of the most common diameters used in PMU 06 = 0.2mm, 08 = 0.25mm, 10 = 0.3mm, 12 = 0.35mm

Number – the second set of numbers in the code represents the number of needles in the grouping which can range from 1 to 12, however 12 is uncommon

Configuration – the first letter featuring in the code represents the pattern in which the number of needles are places in, for example, flat, magnum or round.
Purpose – this is whether it is a liner or a shader which is represented by the letters R
or S. A liner is made up of longer tapered needles that are tightly bonded, whereas a shader is made up of shorter tapered needles that are loosely bound.

Microshading Manual

Needle Taper – needle taper is not often specified on needle codes, but it is sometimes described on needle packing and is crucial to know. The length of the needle point is referred to as taper. To put it another way, how far up the needle
shaft the tapering part of the needle starts, or how “long” the point is. The taper
length determines how firmly the needles are linked together in any cluster, and this is sometimes stated on needle packaging. Taper is a term that is frequently used.

Microshading Manual pdf

Not only will you save money by using regular tattoo needles or cartridges, but you will also have greater control over the output of your art and more options to assist you get the results you desire. It’s a lot easier to get what you need if you grasp the needle codes and descriptions.