Welcome to your Microshading Training!

What is “Microshading”?

Microshading (also known as powder brow tattoo, shaded brows or ombre brows) is a semi-permanent eyebrow improvement process in which the artist uses a tattoo machine to implant PMU pigments into the top layers of the skin using the dotting technique, or pixelization. As a result, a powdery brow look is formed, as well as foggy, powdered brows. Microshading is a similar method, but the results are more dramatic.

The entire microshading procedure is similar to microblading, however the technique employed and the ultimate result are distinct – microblading is a series of hair strokes hand drawn with a blade and pigment. On the other hand, the ombre brow technique is divided into two parts: the first insertion of the pigment and the follow-up procedure, which takes place 6–8 weeks following the initial procedure. It also involves advanced brow mapping and measuring techniques to create a
bespoke eyebrow shape for each client which works to enhance their
natural beauty, because it is based on the measurements of their very own features.