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So what is Microblading ?

Archeologists believe that cosmetic tattooing  dates back to ancient Egypt over 4,000 years ago!  During this time Egyptian Brow Queens would use cosmetic tattooing to convey both beauty and status.  Many years later, eyebrow tattooing became popular in the 1980’s for alopecia and chemotherapy survivors.  Since then innovations in tools and application have  grown considerably within the beauty industry all over the world.  Microblading is Hollywood’s latest best kept secret and booming trend.  Over the last 4 years you may have noticed fuller and natural looking eyebrows are more in demand.  Microblading is a semi permanent make up procedure that mimics natural eyebrow hair strokes to create the appearance of fuller symmetrical custom brows.  This semi-permanent procedure lasts anywhere  from 18 to 30 months. The idea of microblading is to wake up everyday with perfectly groomed and  fuller  eyebrow designed to specifically suit your facial structure.  The procedure is performed utilizing a disposable manual microblading tool that consists of tiny needles that implement semi permanent pigment into the  upper  dermal layer of the skin ( the dermis ) while mimicking eyebrow hair like strokes.  Microblading has been  recognized by the American Med spa association as one of the biggest and current eyebrow trends to date, the procedure can be both  restorative or cosmetic.  So whether you’ve over plucked over the years or just want that fuller brow to suit your facial structure, we’ve got the strokes and wands to make that happen!

Is Microblading the best treatment for me and if not what is?

Unfortunately not everyone is  an ideal  candidate for microblading. Clients with very oily  or overly sensitive skin may not qualify for microblading.  An alternative better suited to achieve fuller polished  brows for these clients may be powder or combo brows. Rest assured  your brow specialist will prescribe the best option to suit your skin type.

Preparing for your microblading session


The Microblading Journey

After care & Healing

It is very important to ensure you obtain the absolute best results while enjoying your beautiful new eyebrows.  This means following specific after care instructions. 

We ask that you follow your browlist’s aftercare instructions to the rule to obtain the most beautiful and healthy looking  results.  BQLA wants to make sure you walk out not only feeling like a Brow Queen but healing like one too.


The following must be avoided during all 14 days
Post procedure

Day 1

After your microblading session, the eyebrow area may feel tender and appear a little red. This is normal and kick starts your healing process! It is important to keep the area clean and dry. In order to obtain beautiful healing results please refrain from touching the area.

Day 1-3

Your eyebrows will develop a thin layer of scabbing. Fear not as this is normal and part of your healing process. At this time please continue to keep the area dry and clean.

Day 4+

Using a cotton swab, apply a rice grain amount of aftercare ointment on each eyebrow spreading a thin layer over the treated area. Remember, it is important to apply no more than a rice grain amount as over saturating the brow can delay healing. Continue ointment until brow scabbing ceases.

Day 14+

Your brows are safe from water and you may return to your normal skincare routine. Of note, your eyebrows may appear light in color once scabs have fallen off. However, every week for as long as the next 6 weeks, color will continue to surface and the original color of your beautiful brows will return!

Day 28

It may be necessary to return to BQLA for your touch up session.

Days 28-42

Congratulations you are now a healed Brow Queen ready to take on the world! Enjoy your beautiful new brows and get ready for all of your new brow compliments!!