Preparation of Treatment:

  • Ensure your client has completed the medical history, consent and waiver forms and that they are correctly filled out, dated and signed.
  • Position client comfortably, have them lie down.
  • Protect client’s hair with a head band and drape a towel or bed roll over the client’s upper body to protect clothing.
  • Take photographs from all angles in good lighting (if permission is given).
  • Ensure your area and supplies are clean, disinfected, and sanitary.
  • Sanitise your hands and put on gloves.
  • Prepare all of your equipment: numbing cream, bad, pigment, wipes, pencil, scissors and measuring tools.

Cleanse the clients entire area including the skin around the eyebrow and right into the eyebrow hairs. You must remove make up residue and any traces of eyebrow gel or stubborn make-up. Using a mascara wand, brush the hair to ensure that they are clean and tangle free.


Discuss with your client what they would like to achieve, look at pictures and be extremely specific with what your process will be to achieve it. Leave no stone unturned at this point because you want the client to be fully aware and know what to expect during and after the procedure.

Microblading Manual

Begin to map out the brows and form their new shape. Ensure that you have confirmed the shape with your client; if they are happy, proceed with the treatment and if they are not completely satisfied, ask them to explain the changes they would like and use your expertise to advise for or against these changes. Do not move past this step until both you and your client are completely satisfied with the outcome.


Remove and/or trim any excess hairs from outside of the brow mapping (if your client is happy for you to do so). Disinfect the eyebrow area with an alcohol wipe, ready for microblading. Apply numbing solution.


Put on your gloves and fill your pigment ring with your chosen pigment. Ensure that your blade is clean and sanitary.

Microblading Manual 1

Ask the client to lie down on the bed. Begin your microblading strokes by starting with the front of the brow, then the arch, and finally the tail. Leave your pigment on the hair strokes you’ve completed until you’ve finished the first section. Move on to the second brow by adding strokes at the front of the brow, then the arch, and finally the tail. Top up numbing solution where necessary, and wipe to remove when you add strokes again. Keep a close eye on the angle at which the blade enters the skin. The needle must be inserted straight up, not at an angle. When you look at the side profile of a high-quality microblading hair stroke, you’ll notice that the needle penetrates the skin at a 90- degree angle, with all needles in full contact with the skin. The quality of the stroke will be reduced if you do not penetrate the skin at a perpendicular angle, and hair strokes will be fuzzy.

microblading service section 2