microblading process

The treatment area will appear more darker and more defined immediately after the procedure than the final outcomes. After the healing process, expect the colour to be substantially lighter and the overall appearance to be much softer and more natural. This shift will take time, depending on how quickly your skin’s outer layer exfoliates.

The exfoliation phase usually lasts around 5 days and is completed after 7-10 days. The contrast between the initial intense and dark hue and the new softer and lighter colour may cause your client to be unhappy at this point; however, you should assure them that this is normal and expected, and that the touchup session will take place 4-6 weeks later.

The customer may require more strokes to fill in more of the area during your touch-up visit, or a region may not have taken properly. The colour of the brows may need to be adjusted, or the customer may want them lightened or darkened. Other touch-ups could include tail symmetry, or one being closer to the nose than the other, or one being thinner, and so on. These are just small touch-ups, and we anticipate having to make them at the second session. Shape and colour will be modified to their preference at that time.

When the brows start to fade out after a year, your customer will most likely need a touch up. You’ll just need to add some layering, more strokes, and possibly a colour shift.