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After your procedure:
For 7 days after the treatment:

  • Use a mild antibacterial soap to gently cleanse the brows, rinse every trace of soap away and gently pat dry. Do this twice a day.
  • With a clean finger, apply a small amount of microblading aftercare ointment after every cleanse.
  • During the healing period, avoid wearing makeup in the healing area.
  • Do not pick or touch the eyebrows.
  • Avoid steam rooms, saunas and swimming.
  • Avoid activities that may cause excess sweating.
  • Drinking excess amounts of alcohol.
  • Avoid using creams on the face containing acids or retinol.

For 1 month after the treatment:

  • Avoid direct sunlight and sun beds.
  • Avoid facial or skin appointments e.g. chemical peels and forms of exfoliation.
  • Avoid facial cosmetic procedures e.g. botox and filler.

Please note:
For the first
10 days after your treatment, your eyebrows may appear darker and bolder which is a typical occurrence with all types of procedures, and the pigment will lighten during the healing period.

Some swelling and tingling will occur for an hour or so
after your treatment.

Healing Process

Eyebrows look amazing
after the microblading procedure & the pigment will gradually get darker throughout the day.

The pigment has reached
its darkest level on day 2. Light scabbing will occur.

The scabbing will begin to
peel and flake off. This peeling may not reveal a
definitive colour in the

WEEK 3-4
The pigment in the skin
will continue to oxidise and the microbladed strokes begin to reappear as they were in the beginning. Some strokes may appear patchy.

Eyebrows fully healed and
ready to undergo the finishing effects of touch- up appointment. The eyebrow enhancement / transformation is complete after final touch-up.

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