Microblading Manual

The start – Hold a pencil from the top of the nostril pointing straight upwards and make a small dot as a reference point – this is where the brows should start

The arch – hold the pencil from the top of your nostril diagonally through past the pupil and make a small dot
as a reference point. This is where the
highest part of the brow should be also known as the arch.

The end – hold the pencil from the outer part of the nostril to the outer part of the eye and make a dot mark as a reference point. This can also be called the tail of the brow.

You can use a make up brow pencil or brow powder and brush to do this.
Starting with the
bottom line of the brow, use your pencil or brush to join the first reference point to the second and then the 2nd to the third. This will produce the shape of the brow and continue to stencil the rest of the eyebrows.



Now you have your three reference points you simply need to join them together. To ensure you are drawing the brows symmetrically, use an eyebrow ruler to match up equal measurements on both sides.

brow queen la

Double check your symmetry by using these red dotted guidelines as a template: match start to start, arch to arch, tail to tail and the distance between the eyebrows. Of course, we cannot always achieve accurate symmetry because faces are not naturally symmetrical, however we can try our very best to get as close as we can.

Use the pre-inked mapping thread to draw these guidelines. Hold the thread taut to match up the points and imprint the lines onto the skin. Using mapping thread is a much quicker, easier and more accurate way of forming these guidelines than using an eyebrow pencil.

Brow Queen la

Next you can begin to form the eyebrow shape by drawing the shapes freehand and matching up the points you have formed. If necessary, you can tweeze any stray hairs and/or trim any long hairs that are outside of the brow map. At this point hand your client a mirror and double check that they are happy with the shape and size of their brows. Any alterations can be made now until the client is completely happy with proceeding.