A beauty therapist should be a representation of not only their work but the beauty industry too and therefore maintaining a professional appearance will build a strong reputation of high standards. The ways we can do this are:


  • A tunic and plain black trousers
  • Flat, clean shoes
  • These are to be worn at all times during working hours
  • Personal hygiene: should smell clean and fresh, should not be decorated with anything other than a name badge or that of a professional organisation to which the therapist is a member, wearing deodorant at all times, good oral hygiene
  • Hair should be clean, tidy and secured off of the face
  • Nails should be of a workable length, clean and clear of nail polish
  • Makeup should be minimal and well applied
  • No heavy perfumes to be worn
  • Smokers must take extra care with their personal hygiene – the smell of cigarette smoke clings to fingers, clothes and hair. Clients may find this unpleasant or offensive.