Flat Shading Blades
Flat shading blades are ideal for creating regular,
straight strokes rather than curved strokes in a curved application. These are excellent for shading in the brow tail or producing a straighter brow look for your client.

Flat Shading Blades

Round Pin Blades This blade is ideal for adding more depth and complexity to the brow, as it allows you to make micro strokes and shading. This will give you a more natural, 3-D appearance.

Round Pin Blades

Nano Blades

A version of PMU performed by a machine is referred to as Nano blading technology. Standard microblading needles (nano blades) and very thin microblading needles (nano blades) are also available, usually 16 – 18mm and come in CF and U shapes. Depending on the pin you choose, these blades allow you to refine the brow and create the illusion of finer hairs or stronger, shorter hairs as an artist. When you wish to produce a much shorter length hair than ordinary blades allow, these blades come in useful, allowing you the freedom you need to create the perfect brow.

nano blading
  • BLADES Always keep your needles at a 90-degree angle to the skin and avoid drawing sideways.
  • By releasing pressure at both ends, press gently and slowly.
  • Use smaller needles (nano/0.18) for thinner skin and natural hairs, and somewhat thicker needles (0.20 0.25) for thicker skin and natural hairs.
  • Flexible needles are extremely helpful in acclimating to light pressure. To avoid deep/ashy strokes, I strongly advise using flexible needles. Especially for skin that is very thin.
  • Use high-quality stainless steel needles that are securely connected.
  • You can also check your blade by pressing it with your nail on the side. There shouldn’t be much movement in the needles.