Difference between Microblading and Powder brow

The difference between microblading and powder brow is a question that comes to mind when someone thinks about the cosmetic tattooing of eyebrows. These techniques’ main aim is to give eyebrows a fuller and clearer shape.

However, in both techniques, there is the use of different methods. Both techniques are not the same and use different approaches to get the desired result. Our article will get into the difference between microblading and powder brow. So without further ado, let’s begin.


Microblading is the technique that uses a hand-drawn method to fill pigments in the epidermal layer of the skin. This method is ideal for people with thin eye brows. It is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that uses small hair stroke pigments inside the skin. In this way, you will get a fuller eyebrow look.

In the microblading process, the technician will first know about your skin. Once you are ready to go, the technician will use a numbing agent on the skin. The numbing agent will minimize the pain of the needle.

After about 30 minutes, the actual process will start. With the help of a handheld tool, the practitioner will fill hair stroke pigment into the skin. The needle breaks the skin to fill pigment, so after microblading, you can feel redness and lil pain around eyebrow areas.

Once the method is complete, your technician will guide you to preventive measures to take afterward. So you will need to be careful about healing the skin after microblading. Usually, between 2 to 3 weeks, the healing process gets complete. Once all the scabs fall off, you will be ready to go on with your routine.

You will need to go for yearly touch-ups after the treatment is done. If you do not go for proper maintenance, the pigment will fade quickly, and the result will not be long-lasting.

It was all about microblading technique. Now let’s find out about the powder brows technique.

Powder brow:

Another method that is used to get fuller brows is powdered brows. Powdered brows are also known as ombre brows and microshading. This method is ideal for people with oily skin or clients with more age. It is a natural and soft method that will be less invasive than microblading.

In powdered brows, practitioners draw dashed and dotted in the skin of eyebrows. So in this way, pigment deposits on the skin and stays for a more extended time than microblading. This shaded technique creates a fuller brow with an excellent appearance. Right after the treatment, you may notice darker eyebrows, but with time, they will fade, and as a result, you will see a very natural solid look.

Powdered brows use a less invasive method, so they are ideal for people of more age. Clients with more age will have thinner skin, and microblading will be more painful. Furthermore, technicians recommended the powder brows technique for people with oily skin. There is less worrying about holding pigment in the skin as in powdered brows.

Once you are done with treatment, you will have to first touch up after 2 to 3 months, and then it will last between 1 to 3years.

How to choose between powder brows and microblading brows?

Consider the following aspects if you need to decide between powdered or microblading brows.

Skin type:

If you have oily skin, microblading is not ideal for you. Your skin can have large pores, and pigment will not stay for a long time inside. On the other hand, if you have normal or dry skin, microblade eyebrows can be an excellent way to go for you.

People with oily skin and more age are ideal candidates for powdered brows techniques. There will be less pain, and it will look better and last longer.


Go for the powdered brows technique if you admire a more natural look than a makeup look. However, both methods do not give an artificial look. However, powdered brows look more natural.

Eyebrows hair:

If your eyebrows are patchy and thin, go for the microblading method. But if you have normal density hair but want more volume or fuller brows, go for powdered brows.


If you have a hectic routine and you need to go out in the sun or if you sweat a lot, then choose the powdered brows technique. The reason is powdered brows technique lasts for a longer time than microbladed.

Which treatment is cheaper: microbladed or powder brows?

If you decide on the procedure based on price, there is no apparent price difference in both techniques. Both techniques usually cost between 600$ to 1000$. The price can vary from place to place or salon popularity. Another factor that will decide the price is the artist’s experience and reputation. However, you can find good deals in various salons.

So when you are deciding between microblading or powdered brows, don’t take price as a factor. Instead, research by yourself or go to your practitioner and ask what treatment will be a good fit for you.

Which treatment lasts longer: microbladed or powder brows?

The average life expectancy of microblading and powdered brows is between 1 to 3 years. The long-lasting factor will also depend on proper touch-ups and lifestyle, skincare routine, and the experience of your technician.

Furthermore, life expectancy also depends on your skin type, your exposure to the sun and how often you sweat. These all factors will decide longevity. So there is not a clear line to draw the expectancy of any method.

However, still powdered brow method has longer-lasting effects than microblading. The reason is powdered brows get less effect by lifestyle factors and do not fade quickly. So overall, we can say powder brows have more life expectancy than microbladed brows.

Who should try powdered brows?

The powdered brows are ideal for those who want;

  • Want a more natural and softer look
  • For mature and sensitive skin
  • For someone who has large pores, oily skin, or someone who has large open pores.
  • For a more apparent and stronger look
  • Dark shade with more definition
  • With thick hair and want more subtle volume

Who should try microblading brows?

The microblading procedure is ideal for those who want;

  • Someone with patchy or thin eyebrows
  • If someone lost hair due to any hair loss issue
  • For normal to dry skin type
  • Want extra volume and high definition shape


Let’s find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the difference between microblading and powder brow?

Which is better: microblading or powder brows?

It depends on your skin type and the advice of your technician. However, overall powdered brows are considered more reliable and realistic results. Moreover, they are also best for those who want a more defining brow shape and less pain. Also, it requires less maintenance and touch-ups.

Is Ombre powder brows the same as microblading?

No ombre powder is another name for powder brows. Microblading and powder brows are both types of semi-permanent tattooing. However, both types use different ways to add pigments to the eyebrows. Microbladed treatment uses short hair strokes; on the other hand, ombre powder brows use dashes and dots of pigments.

Do powder brows fade completely?

Whether it’s microbladed or powder brows, the pigment will fade eventually. The reason is the techniques are semi-permanent and will end at last. However, in some cases, if tattooed deeply, powder brows do not fade completely. You can see little difference after years of fading.


Microblading and powder brows are techniques used to give eyebrows a fuller and more definite shape. However, the way of process is different for both. Both techniques are ideal for different skin types and different lifestyles of clients. We tried to distinguish clear differences between microblading and powder brow methods. However, if you are still unsure which one you should try, then take help from a professional artist. They will give you an ideal solution after knowing your style preference and skin type. So best of luck with your new eyebrows.