What Makeup to Wear After Microblading?

Although microblading is not a very complicated and deep procedure, experts still advise not to use makeup on your eyebrows for at least two weeks after the treatment. Another thing that comes to mind is what makeup to wear after microblading?

After Microblading, it becomes necessary to know about the products you will use on your eyebrows or the area around the eyebrows. The right makeup will make your eyebrows upkeep and natural as well. In this article, we will share essential tips about makeup after microblading. So keep reading.

When can I wear makeup after microblading?

The best practice is to avoid makeup until complete healing. You can apply makeup on the rest of your face while preventing eyebrows and areas around them. But make sure not to use any makeup on the treatment area.

It’s important to give time to your eyebrows for complete healing. Any makeup around the eyebrows surface or at the eyebrows can lead to infection or complications. The experts also advised avoiding foundation, highlighter, eyebrow pencil, and concealer on these areas.

Many clients also asked about the filling of eyebrows. After complete healing, when the scab falls off, you can fill your eyebrows but not before it. Also, avoid any tinting or semi-permanent dye at least 4 weeks after the microblading treatment. Dyes usually have some chemicals, and if any unhealed will get exposed to your eyebrows, it can cause severe effects.

Can you put makeup on microbladed brows?

There is a misconception in many minds that you can not apply makeup on microbladed brows, which is not true at all. Yes, microblading makes your brows get in more shape and fuller naturally. However, that does not mean you will no longer need makeup for them.

Sometimes during makeup, when we apply foundation or face powder, our eyebrows appear white due to sprinkling the face powder or touching of foundation brush on them. So to make them look pigmented and beautiful, we will need makeup. Furthermore, nighttime or bolder looks usually require a bolder appearance of eyebrows.

So to create it, you can use your routine makeup accessories. You can use makeup on microbladed brows once the healing process is complete. After two to three weeks of treatment, you can get back to your usual eye makeup routine.

How do you apply makeup to microbladed eyebrows?

After complete healing of microblading treatment, you can get back to wearing makeup on your eyebrows as you usually do. There is no particular way to try now. You can use your eyebrow pencil to fill in to make your eyebrows look fuller. Or you may want to make your eyebrows pop more by adding makeup. Overall to complete your look, you can use the usual way to apply makeup to microbladed eyebrows.

What type of makeup to wear after Microblading

When it comes to applying makeup, the answer remains as you usually do. However, some specifications and recommendations regarding what type of makeup to use after the microblading. Although there will be minor changes, there will be. Your skin does not remain the same as it was before microblading. So now, you may need to be a little more careful before adding makeup items to your shopping bag.

During the first two to three weeks of treatment, the technician usually asks to avoid the makeup completely. However, after two to three weeks, some suggest using sunscreen around the eyebrows area. Furthermore, you will observe flakes and dryness in your eyebrow area during the healing process. Some technicians also suggest adding healing ointment to make the skin smooth and lighter.

Once the scabbing falls off, you can resume your regular skin care products like brow growth products or growth serum. Now you need to be careful about the selection of products afterward. You may need to extract some products and add some to your skincare routine.

Can I use an eyebrow pencil after microblading?

Eyebrow pencil plays an essential role in popping up your brows or making them look fuller. On regular days, everyone uses a pencil during their makeup routine. However, right after microblading treatment, you should avoid its use on freshly microbladed eyebrows.

When we use an eyebrow pencil, it directly touches the surface of our eyebrows. So when you use a pencil right after the treatment, there are strong chances your skin will get irritated, and pigment will not stay in place. So wait for two or three weeks before applying makeup on your eyebrows or around the eyebrow area.

When can I wear mascara after microblading?

We will advise you to wait at least two weeks to apply mascara. It is good to keep your eyes and eyebrows clean and not apply products that will require water to remove. Let the healing process complete first, and then you can use mascara. If you want to go out for any event, you can use a manual curler for the lashes. It will not require water to remove it. Make sure to keep the area clean and dry most of the time.


When can I start wearing makeup after microblading?

You can use makeup on other areas of your face whenever you want. It would be best if you avoided the area of the eyebrows. You can start wearing makeup after two to three weeks of the treatment. Or you can use it when scabs fall entirely off or you notice the healing process is completed.

Can you wear eyebrow makeup after microblading?

Not right after the microblading. IF you immediately start eyebrow makeup, it will make your skin pores clog, and the healing process will get disturbed. You can observe infection, irritation, and fading. You can use eyebrow makeup after two to three weeks of microblading.

Can I wear makeup 7 days after microblading?

Yes, you can wear makeup after 7 days, but not on the eyebrows or area around them. Try to wait for at least 2 to 33 weeks before applying makeup to your eyebrows.

What is the best thing to put on eyebrows after microblading?

There is no need to wear anything right after the treatment. However, if you notice redness, irritation, or fakes, you can use Aquaphor ointment. It will help in the healing process and will make sure to reduce redness and irritation of the skin. Try to keep the eyebrow area dry and clean.


I want to thank you for reading the article up to every end. We share the details about when and what makeup to wear after microblading. We do not prohibit you from applying makeup on other areas of your face. It would be best if you were very careful about the eyebrow area. So don’t get in a hurry to apply makeup right after the procedure. It’s a good idea to wait for the complete healing process. After that, make sure to choose the right essentials after microblading. Don’t apply harsh products to your skin area. So it’s always good to get an advantage from expert recommendations.