Laser removal vs saline removal

Did you get a cosmetic tattoo that came out the worst? Or you did not like the results. Or if due to an infection, you want to remove the tattoo?.

There are two basic methods to remove unwanted pigment: laser removal method and saline removal method. Do you want to learn more about the two methods? Or do you want to find a more reliable and less invasive method, then keep reading.

We will present a summary of laser removal vs saline removal.

What is saline tattoo removal?

Saline tattoo removal for tattoos and semi permanent makeup is a procedure where technicians will use a salt solution on the tattooed skin. This way, saline solution on the treated area will pull the skin salt water on the skin, resulting in the pigment. It is an osmosis technique in which a less salt solution will draw out outside.

Moreover, saline removal has no color restrictions and can remove all types of pigments, including white. Furthermore, saline is not a depth-specific method. Whatever the depth of pigment, the saline solution will target it and star leafing pigment.

The saline removal solution is the same as semi Permanent makeup techniques. The handheld needle will use saline solution instead of ink. After that, the technician will insert it into the areas of the unwanted procedure.

Moreover, saline removal has few chances of infection and no chance of blistering. The average healing period of saline removal is 7 to 10 days.

What is laser tattoo removal?

The technician will use a laser to remove the pigment in laser tattoo removal. The laser rags will pulse emery that will target that specific area and break it. Later on, the pigment will get absorbed into the body. It is an expensive and painful method in comparison with the above method.

Moreover, different laser wavelengths target different colors at a specific depth. To remove a multicolored pigment technician may have to use various wavelengths.

Furthermore, different laser treatments also have some restrictions. For this reason, you need in-depth research to find the eight lasers.

Like saline, the healing period of the laser is between 7 to 10 days. The healing period can elongate in case of any infection or blister. You may have to wait longer for complete healing in such conditions.

Difference between laser vs saline removal

Laser removal vs saline removal are both methods considered effective methods of removal. Moreover, both can work great and can provide the desired result. Everyone has a different case, so you should know the main difference between both types to decide the best treatment for yourself. The information I will enlist here will give you a clear idea about the main difference. It will also help you choose the safest method for your case.

  • The first and foremost difference between both methods is the pain. Laser treatment is a very painful method in comparison with laser.
  • Furthermore, the laser treatment cannot target all types of pigments. Laser treatment is also an ineffective method for white pigment. On the other hand, saline removal is effective for all types of pigments.
  • Moreover, saline removal is a delicate process and good for sensitive skin. Saline removal is the best option to remove tattoos from sensitive skin areas, like removing permanent eyeliner and eyebrows.
  • In saline removal, the ink will get out of the body. On the other hand, in laser removal, the ink will be absorbed in the body.
  • Saline removal also works for all types of skin. Either you have sensitive skin or normal skin. Laser removal is not good for sensitive areas.
  • In laser, rays will be used to perform the treatment. The saline method uses a machine method device. It is a manual procedure that will use disposable needles with a saline removal solution.
  • A laser is not considered an ideal solution to removing eyebrows permanent makeup technique. The reason is that lasers can remove brow hairs permanently. So, if you want to remove any pigmentation technique in the brow area without affecting the hair. Then, you should choose saline removal. Saline removal will not affect your eyebrows at all.
  • With laser removal again, cosmetic tattooing at the same time usually stays unsuccessful. Saline removal will not affect the skin; you can redo the procedure correctly.
  • It is unsafe to use laser treatment around the area of the lips and eyes. For both areas, saline removal is a safe solution. Experts do not recommend lasers to use around the eyes and lips areas.
  • For a large area, a tattoo removal laser is ideal. Laser treatment can effectively and quickly cover the removal of large tattoo areas. The saline solution uses handheld tools and manual methods. So it will take a long time to perform the saline solution. So for large body tattoos, you can go for laser treatments.
  • Both laser and saline removal are close in cost. There is a big difference in cost between both methods. The cost of treatment will depend on the technician’s experience and the size of the area.


In this section, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Laser treatment vs saline removal.

Is saline tattoo removal better than laser?

Saline tattoo removal is better than laser if you want the removal of cosmetic tattooing around the lips and eyes. Laser is not a safe solution to perform around these areas. Furthermore, saline removal is effective for all types of pigments. On the other hand, a laser does not affect the white pigment.

Is saline tattoo removal effective?

Yes, saline tattoo removal is one of the most effective methods. You can use the saline tattoo removal method to completely remove or fade the tattoo. The saline solution will work so that the pigment or ink will get out of the skin.

Does saline removal remove hair?

No saline does not remove hairs. Laser treatment can remove the hair permanently. So if you are looking for a cosmetic tattooing method around the eyebrows without damaging the eyebrow’s hair, then you should choose a saline removal method.

Is saline removal painful?

Saline removal is as painful as any cosmetic tattooing procedure. The technician uses a handheld needle to insert the solution into the skin. Saline removal is less painful than laser removal.


In conclusion, I would like to say every method has pros and cons. Laser removal vs saline removal also has some pros and cons. Laser removal is an effective large tattoo area. On the other hand, saline removal is less painful and a more effective method in terms of good results. So after getting all the ideas, you need to see all the details from your case perspective and decide which method you should choose. After the treatment, follow all the guidelines and after-care instructions for possible results.