A hand washing sink must be available for use while personal services procedures are being performed (e.g., the sink must be free of cleaning equipment) and constantly supplied with hot and cold running water, dispensable liquid soap from a single-use disposable container, and single- use (cloth or paper) hand towels in
a dispenser. If the soap container
needs to be refilled, it must first be cleansed, treated with a low-level disinfectant, rinsed, and air dried completely.

Taking the time out to clean your workstation and tools is an integral part of your day to day duties. We suggest that you allow a 10 to 15 minutes space in between each service for cleaning and disinfecting routines. Follow this image for the ideal salon set up:

Micro shading Manual.pdf
  • Beauty couch (adjustable height)
  • Beauty couch roll
  • Towels & blankets
  • Beauty trolley holding all necessary products/equipment
  • Barbicide & pot
  • Access to a sink
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Ring light
  • Adjustable chair
  • Pillow for clients head