How to take care of my brows once I am healed?

It is obvious when we spend money to achieve a good eyebrow look, we want a result that lasts as long as possible. Usually, a technician will advise you about how to take care of your eyebrows after microblading or any treatment procedure.

However, not only;y you need to be careful during the healing process, but you also take care of your brow once healed completely. In today’s article, we will get a detailed answer on how to take care of my brows once I am healed?

Five best ways to take care of brows after healing

I am sure you will already know how to take care of eyebrows during the healing time. Now let’s explore some best ways to take care of browns once they are healed to prevent them from early fading.

  • The first step is to follow the aftercare instructions for the best possible result for long-lasting results. The reason is that if you do not take proper care of your eyebrows during the healing period, you will compromise the results of the microblading. Furthermore, how far you go with caring for your brows after healing will not be worth the same. So it would help if you were very careful during the healing time.
  • Once the healing process is complete, do not make your face sweat. The reason is if you sweat generally, it will cause the early removal of your pigments in the dermal layer of the skin. So in this way, you can face premature fading, and the shape of your eyebrows will look blurry. So after the healing procedure, try to avoid internet exercises that make you sweat a lot.
  • Usually, we use an anti-aging skincare routine, or people with acne use different products. Many such products come with benzoyl peroxide, Retin A, Glycolic acid, Retinol, etc. If possible, try to avoid such types of skincare products. However, if not, do not use it on the eyebrows and around the eyebrows areas. All the products mentioned above can cause premature fading, and your eyebrows can turn color to gray.
  • Do not go outside when it’s too sunny. It is always recommended to use some sunblock in the microbladed areas to avoid direct exposure to the sun. Furthermore, before going outside, try to use a hat or umbrella to avoid the harmful effects of the strong sunshine.
  • Chlorinated water or salt water are not recommended for microbladed brows. Both types of water are not a good option as they can cause premature fading of your eyebrows. So try to avoid either type of water at pool or beach parties. However, if it is unavoidable, try to apply vaseline on the microbladed and stay less in the water.

How long does it take for permanent eyebrows to heal?

Permanent eyebrows can heal after 2 to 3 weeks of the procedure. The period can vary based on whether you follow the instructions or not. After semi-permanent makeup, a technician usually advises what to do or what to not.

Generally, you should avoid water on your eyebrows during the healing period. Moreover, it would be best if you prevented sunshine, sunbeds, pool and beach parties, and direct shower streams on your eyebrows. Furthermore, you must avoid any skin care product around the microbladed areas. Above all, do not go for any eye makeup after the microblading.

Furthermore, as they advised, you need to go for a follow-up appointment with your technician after four to eight weeks. This appointment is great to discuss your healing procedure with your technician and know more about aftercare instructions. During the meetings, the practitioner will also check the healing process and can re-apply more pigment if there is an issue of uneven or patchy brows.

All these factors decide how long it takes for a permanent eyebrow to heal. You must be very careful in the fort’s seven days of treatment. Avoid scratching and rubbing entirely for the first 3 to 4 weeks. After this period, you will notice your eyebrow’s color start fading and returning to normal condition. Maximum after weeks, your eyebrows will give a solid look of perfect eyebrow look.

Reasons why microblading is fading?

There can be several reasons why your microblading is fading. Here are some of the possible causes for fading of microbladed brows.

Wrong Color Dye

Microblading color dye is usually chosen based on skin color and hair color. You and the technician can decide which color can work best on your skin. If a technician makes a mistake and chooses the wrong color, dyes that are not dark enough can show faded results. For this reason, it is necessary to select an experienced practitioner and make discussions with him regarding your skin color and pigment use.

Not follow Aftercare instructions properly

According to me, it is one of the most important factors if your microblading results are fading. Anyone who doesn’t follow the aftercare instruction given by the practitioner can face fading results. One general reason for fading microbladed brows is getting the brows wet or trying to scratch the skin.

Oily Skin

Another critical factor that can affect the microblading result is oily skin. A person with oily skin and large pores can face fewer results than desired. The excessive oil on the skin will make your glands push the pigment out, and as a result, there will be faded results. So if you have too oily skin, you may avoid the procedure. Furthermore, you can also take expert advice on dealing with excessive oil production that does not affect the results.


Here in this section, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how to take care of my brows once I am healed?

How can I make my microbladed eyebrows last longer?

To make your eyebrows last longer, follow the aftercare instruction. As well as, apply the sunblock or wear a hat before going outside. Do not apply Retinol, glycolic acid, and Retina-A skin care products on the microbladed brows.

Does vitamin C fade microblading?

Yes, vitamin c can fade microblading. Usually, regular skin care products come with vitamin C ingredients. Try to avoid these products to use on the microbladed area.

Should I put vaseline on microbladed eyebrows?

Do not put Vaseline on the microbladed brows in a routine. The reason is that if you apply Vaseline on the microbladed eyebrows, your eyebrow skin can sweat underneath, which is unsuitable for microbladed eyebrows.


After healing the microbladed brows, you don’t need to follow aftercare instructions. However, that does not mean now you can go outside in the sun directly and stay in chlorinated water for your beach parties. It would be best if you were still careful to ensure the microbladed result lasts for extended periods. In the above part of the article, we tried to give you the information about how to take care of my brows once I am healed.