Emergency Removal


1.5 Hours

Minimal Pain

 To schedule an appointment please call (661) 310-9695.


If you immediately decide you don’t like your permanent makeup tattoo, you can get emergency pigment removal within 48 hours of the procedure.

Emergency saline pigment removal and lightening is a popular technique that reverses and lifts pigment out of the skin using a specialized saline solution. It’s done by applying the saline solution directly onto the treated area. Your technician will not open your skin since it still hasn’t started closing up from the permanent makeup procedure. This solution lifts and lightens pigment from the skin when applied to freshly tattooed or other permanent brow procedures performed within the last 48 hours. This emergency removal procedure prevents the newly pigmented work from fully healing into the skin.

After care & Healing

It is very important to ensure you obtain the absolute best results while enjoying your beautiful new eyebrows.  This means following specific after care instructions. 

We ask that you follow your browlist’s aftercare instructions to the rule to obtain the most beautiful and healthy looking  results.  BQLA wants to make sure you walk out not only feeling like a Brow Queen but healing like one too.

The following must be avoided during all 14 days
Post procedure