Difference between Nano Strokes and Microblading Strokes

If you are interested in reshaping your eyebrows, then there are various techniques in the beauty industry. You can choose between microblading to nanobalding to powdered brows. The ultimate goal of all these techniques is to ensure you get your perfect look.

In today’s article, we will discuss the difference between nano and microblading strokes. Here you should remember that both techniques apply to eyebrows and lips. So, let’s determine the primary difference between both types of strokes.

Nano balding strokes

Nono blading is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique that uses pigment ink to create hair-like tattooing strokes. The technician uses a small handheld tool with a needle in this method. The needle has a dark color pigment that will form tattoos scarce between your eyebrows and hair. As a result, the thinner eyebrows will become fuller with a natural look.

Microblading strokes

The microblading strokes are short hair strokes like pigment to give your eyebrows a thicker appearance. The microblading method also uses sharp needles(bigger than nano blading). The main difference between both types is instead of creating scarce tattooing; the technician will insert short hair stroke-like pigment into your eyebrow skin.

What does the nano blading procedure include?

Nano strokes or nano blading is similar to microblading. However, Nano Blading concentrates more on the perfect shaping of eyebrows. On the other hand, microblading focuses on a fuller look of eyebrows. In both procedures, the technician uses handheld tools with needles and pigments. However, the nanonblading needle is smaller than microblading. Its main aim is to create precise and sharp strokes with the thin needle. Moreover, in this method, the technician uses a fine pigment that will look more natural and perfect.

Like microblading, the procedure will take 2 to 3 hours. First, the technician will use a numbing cream so that the person can feel a minor pain effect. Then, after creating a tattoo scarce between the eyebrows and hair, the technician will ensure the desired results for the client.

What does the microblading procedure include?

As we discussed earlier, both the procedures are very much the same. However, in the microblading, the technician fills the short hair with stroke-like pigment inside the eyebrows instead of creating a tattooing scar. It is because the main aim of the microblading is to give a fuller and more definite look to eyebrows. So these short hair stroke pigments will look like natural hair and increase the eyebrows’ hair volume.

The procedure can take 33 hours. Moreover, numbing cream is also used to relieve discomfort or pain. Then, with a pen-like handheld tool with a needle, the technician will insert the pigment and create the designing eye mapping look.

How long will nano blading last?

The nano blading result can last between 2 to 3 years. The durability will depend on the skin type and the person’s lifestyle. A person with normal skin and minimal pores will have a longer result of nano blading. Another thing that will impact the durability of the nano blading is the proper maintenance and touch-ups. So a person who goes for yearly touch-ups and takes adequate care of the eyebrows will have a more long-lasting result than those who don’t follow the guidelines.

How long will microblading last?

The average life expectancy of microblading is 18 months. It is shorter than nano blading. There are many clients where the microblading results last between 2 to 3 years. The main reason for this variation is the skin type and lifestyle factors. Furthermore, yearly touch up is also an essential factor for long-lasting results. However, overall, nano blading strokes last longer than microblading strokes.

Which is better; microblading strokes or nano blading strokes?

The answer depends on your personal preferences. If you want a fuller eyebrow look, then microblading is the best treatment. However, if you are more concerned about the perfect shopping of the eyebrows, nano blading is a better option.

In nanobalding, every stroke will be thinner than a microblading hair stroke and create a more natural look. Furthermore, nano blading is also ideal for those with alopecia and oily skin. Oily skin clients are considered a good candidate because nano-blading strokes are more resistant than microblading strokes.

However, if you have a normal skin type, go with the microblading option. Microblading creates good results for those who have normal skin texture. Microblading is also a little cheaper than nano blading procedure.


Here in this section, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the difference between nano and microblading strokes.

Do Nano brows look natural?

Nano brows are also ideal as they create an excellent and natural look. The technician will use a fine hair-like pigment to create a hair-like tattoo scarce between the eyebrow hairs. The results will look natural. The small needle will ensure you get precise and accurate results with nano blading strokes.

What is the newest technique for eyebrows?

Microblading remains the most trending technique to shape eyebrows in the beauty industry. Later on, many different types of techniques take entry. For instance, there are powdered brows and combo brows techniques. It’s the newest in the trends in nano brows.

Are Nano brows worth it?

Yes, the nano brows are a new trend and worth it. It is considered an ideal technique for a beautiful and fine shape of your eyebrow look. It is worth the price and creates a result that will last longer than microblading.

Who should not get microblading?

A person who has oily skin with large pores is not an ideal candidate for microblading. Microblading is also not a recommended technique for those with thin and sensitive skin. For oily skin, the nano blading technique is more suitable.


We hope our article today helps you get an obvious idea about the difference between nano strokes and microblading strokes. It’s perfect for getting enough information before picking between different types of treatments. But, we know that not all things show the same results for every human. So, either its nano blading or microblading, discuss your future looks, goals, and lifestyle with technicians and let them decide which treatment is most suitable for you.