The speed on the machines are measured in ‘revolutions per minute’ (also known as
RPM’s). Cheaper machines usually only offer 3 speed settings, so if you are in need of more speed and power, it is worth considering upgrading to a more expensive machine which offers a wider range. The average rotary machine can offer 0 to 12000 RPM, however there are machines which can offer a different range of 8000 to 25000 RPM.

Preset speeds are available on many digital rotary devices to help you with various tasks. Although this may be useful when you’re first starting off, most artists will eventually discover that their individual techniques and hand speed need to be adjusted. Pre-set speeds for eyebrows are a good illustration of this; classic eyebrow shading requires a quicker speed setting than the newer pixelated/smaller needle approaches, which demand a slower speed. If you choose with a digital rotary machine, make sure you can adjust the speed to your preferences. Because hybrid rotary machines use a standard tattoo power supply with no presets, you may entirely modify your speed setting.

Hand Speed
Understanding the concept of hand speed as it moves across the skin’s surface is
critical. The slower the hand moves, the more punctures remain in the area, and vice versa (at the same speed of the device). As a result, the tighter the coverage, the slower we move our hand. It is not necessary to change the speed in order to achieve colour uniformity.

Stroke Length
This determines the force with which the needle impacts the skin by determining how
far the needle retracts back into the machine. The longer the stroke length, the more powerful the machine and the stronger the “impact” to the skin. This is important because most tattoo machines and hybrid rotary machines now include this information in their specifications, making it a more generally used word in our business. Traditional PMU pens and digital rotary machines, on the other hand, rarely display stroke length.

Many digital rotary devices will require needle cartridges that are customised to the
brand. This can be limited in terms of size and configuration options, as well as being significantly more expensive. The Hybrid Rotary Pen machine uses universal tattoo needle cartridges, giving you access to a wide range of brands, prices, and needle sizes. However, you may find the sizing shown in universal code for tattoo needles a little puzzling at first.

Size of the machine
Most machines have a little variance in size and weight. While most digital rotary
handpieces are about the same size, hybrid rotary pens can be rather different. Some are thicker and heavier for artists who want a larger grasp, while others are lighter and more akin to a digital rotary hand piece.